The KwaZulu-Natal Youth Orchestra is a group of young musicians from all around KZN province who participate in a classical orchestral environment and so demonstrate their aspirations for musical excellence.

Our members are scholars who take music as an additional subject at school or who take private external tuition. They come from a wide field of backgrounds, creeds, religions and colours. Our criteria are that they audition every year, have a minimum Grade 3 classical music certification for potential inclusion in the Shadow Orchestra; a minimum of Grade 5 is required for the Main Orchestra. Scholars must be between the ages of 12 and 22 years old and can commit to all practices, rehearsals and concerts for their year of enrolment.

Our tutors are trained musicians in their own rights, who nurture the orchestra with passion and pride to bring out the best in each member. This enables the young people to contribute to the orchestral unity and perform their concerts with flair and accomplishment.