KZNYO is a training orchestra. Looking beyond the high standard of performance, the tutoring and rehearsal is a vehicle to inculcate an understanding of music and their respective instruments to the youngsters, to expose them to the range of possibilities of making music from their particular instrument.

Individual development is not the only achievement of the KZNYO. Group participation is the very nature of any ensemble, and in an orchestral setting the individual is exposed to and experiences the valuable skill of producing fine music in a group. Making music with other like minded people, each using a different instrument –at times fundamentally different; this is the crux of the KZNYO purpose.

The developing musician is not exposed to the familiar style of music, but has to achieve competence in producing a varied and didactic range of musical genres. From the traditional stalwarts of classic Romantic through Baroque to twentieth century expressionism, the musical exposure is stretched beyond the norm. We rehearse and perform pop, Latin, Rock and on occasion Indian music. All with a purpose of developing the young musician into an experienced performer of music and equipped to pursue music as a sustainable career choice.

Most of our concerts are used as platforms from which to showcase the product of hard work in the musical world, as well as an opportunity to reach out and identify youngsters who have an innate musical ability. These candidates are then invited to join the KZNYO and to nurture their ability under conducive conditions.

By engaging the community we also develop their appreciation for the many types of music and the many hours of practice that refine a group of young talents into an Orchestra of reputation. It also inspires aspirant musicians to become sustainable performers, whilst instilling the ethos of group achievement on every member.